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Apple launched a new Device Apple AI,it has become a special part of each tech organization. In this device you are getting a lot of new features And this technology can also help you out to gave some better features in your life like, smart sensors’ analyze and track the gestures’ sound of hand washing, triggering a countdown timer ‘ detects the languages and etc with a lot of more features that’s included in this apple AI and some features that almost certainly use AI weren’t identified as such and among the new AI features Apple announced at “W.W.D.C” is hand washing detection for the Apple Watch.
All of Apple’s advertisements about iOS, iPad OS, and mac OS were various highlights and updates that have AI at its core. many were not declared in front of an audience, and some highlights that definitely use AI weren’t listed as well, but here’s a quick briefing of the most prominent mention that we spotted:

Facial recognition for Home Kit

Home Kit-facilitate you with smart technology of cameras will apply photographs you’ve labeled on your Mobile to recognize who’s at outside your door and even call them by name.

Native sleep tracking for the Apple Watch

This uses AI to analyze and identify when you are moving and sleeping. Apple watches also allow the same mechanism to track the activities.

Hand washing Watch

The Apple Watch identifies the movement as well as the sound of hand washing, starting a countdown timer to ensure that you are washing your hands the time length that you required.

App Library suggestions

An organizer in the new App Library design will use “on-device intelligence” to show applications you are “likely to need next.” It is small but valuable.

Translate app

This works totally offline, It recognizes the language being spoken and does a live translation of the conversation.

Sound alerts in iOS 14

This feature wasn’t introduced in front of an audience, but it will let your iPhone get for things like doorbells, alarms, barking, or baby crying.

Handwriting recognition for iPad

This wasn’t explicitly recognized as an AI-power system, however we’d wager dollars to doughnuts it is. Computer based intelligence is amazing at picture identification tasks, and recognizing both Chinese and English characters is a fitting test.

This rundown contains absences— most outstandingly Siri, the lastingly disappointing digital associate to Apple. In spite of the fact that Siri is AI-substantial, this year it for the most part got corrective updates. A patched up design is a best improvement
What these updates do appear, however, is Apple’s show interest for utilizing AI to convey small advantages for its users.

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