Best technology introduced by LG for foldable devices

Do you have foldable devices? Did they get creases when folding several times? Want to get rid of the creases on your device? Which protecting sheet you must use on them.

With the increasing demand for foldable devices, many issues also arise. When they are folded to a specific limit, it gets some crease on them. For this purpose, they want a permanent solution. Hence, LG comes with the best technology that has solved this issue, and people can get the benefit from this technology.

LG new technology

We all know that LG is not as popular in the market of smartphones but it has introduced the best technology that people can use on their foldable devices. This technology is a sheet that is applied on the screen of the devices. It reduces the creases and keeps the device look pretty good. This technology is known as the Real Folding Window.

Real Folding Window

With the introduction of foldable devices, we see that many people find that the sheet that is applied on the screen is not effective. With the excess use, the creases appear on the screen. However, this is a bad impact on your smartphone. People want to get the solution, so LG has introduces the smart Real Folding Window.

Features of Real Folding WindBest technology introduced by LG for foldable devicesow

The Real Folding Window is specially designed for devices that can protect the screen of the folding devices. This sheet is thin and formed by the thin coating of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic film.

It is best because the hardness of this sheet is the same as that of glass. If you want to know about its flexibility, then its flexibility is similar to plastic. It keeps the screen of your device fresh.

The durability of this film is maintained, and after the experiment, it is concluded that after 200000 folds, you will not see the crease. Hence, it proves that this is the best invention and people will get various benefits from this technology. Soon, this film will be available for laptops and tablets.

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