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Google Rolled out Google Map Update for Android

Google Map Interface Launch New Update and This update interface can only watch via the Android Auto standalone app.This new update features a new look with buttons.
The new update can only be used with the Android auto app. Customers will be able to use many new logo menus with this app.

Google Map also has been changed in this new update in which updates you can easily check your way direction and With the Google Map, you can reach your destination in a very short time. if you can see that the Google Maps interface for Android Auto has become more comfortable for those people who want to save some important time.

In this new version, Google Maps has made the journey to Earth much easier and You can easily reach your destination anywhere with the new google map. According to Android Auto, it may have been an Android app going to be closed but it’s not true, and now for this time all the people who are interested with this new Android Automobile google map they can get this app easily on your phone. you can get this app from google store in your Android mobile.

Google recently implemented a number of updates to Android and Android Auto for Google Maps. In this new update all the users like Beta users and normal users, both of the customers are getting a lot of new features and updates with Android Automobile.

Here is the latest update from Google’s 10.44.3. This update launch was after the last update that is 10.44. For those customers like beta customers they can use only this vision 10.45.0. Google will not release any updates to them unless there is something special or not having a large number of customers. and now all the customers need to install this app on Android Auto mobile google map and then you can check on yourself whats a new update and new version in this app.

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