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Google Plans Updates to Compensate Some News Outlets

Over the year’s Google acts as one of the best search engines around the world, as we see that Google expands their company with a lot of its features and services where they want to help the others, people to search and manage the perfect information. Now Google introduces a new program for getting a new news experience in which it decided to pay some news publishers for creating high-quality news content. This program will make very much sense to the news content creators because they always worry to get paid for their content. Now Google solves the problem and payout the efforts of news publishers for creating news content. For yet, this content monetization is available in the selected countries that are Germany, Australia, Brazil, the other countries will come very soon under its contract.

The vice president of Google project management said that the purpose of introducing a program is to help and pay some news publishers for creating content. For yet this program is available to some selected countries that are Germany Brazil Australia and other countries will become part of this country very soon.
This initiate which is taken by the Google of investing into a new to content creators or publishers helps to create a new venture with the news websites and make the visitor be aware of the latest news and news articles

Bender said that it is very important to check how different publishers promote their content about journalism. He also says that this program will be very helpful for the Publishers to monetize the content and make more interesting story line experience.

This step is specially taken to promote high-quality news content that helps to increase the power of journalism. But yet the monetization is limited to some regions which make some countries disappointed. This type of server should be launched in every year of the world so that more journalist can join this program and the community of journalist will more empower in the world

Some of the news companies that become the first part of this agreement with the Google includes Germany’s Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Zeit, Tagesspiegel and Rheinische Post, Australia’s Schwartz Media, The Conversation, Private Media and Solstice Media and Brazil’s Diarios Associados and A Gazeta.

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