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Honor Announced IFA 2020 Gathering On September 4

THuawei’s Honor brand has announced to set up its IFA gathering 2020 on September 4.

This event is going to start in Berlin from 3rd to 5th  of september.Now this event will come with new and charming ideas. some companies had decided to hold this event on the land of Berlin.

Realme has declared that this year IFA events will be held and to be attended .Now Honor has become the extremely forecasted event.


Honor also started the promotions of the odo exhibition with the slogan ” Expand Your Smart Life” .This phrase is based on the event that many products are going to be exposed during the event including tablets ,computers , and computers etc. THIS event  is going to be a lot bigger as many popular brands have announced to join the gathering.

A little long ago , Huawei ,LG and TCL announced that they would join the event .The opening ceremony will be conducted by Qualcomm. These companies have decided to participate in the opening of the exhibition. 


As we all know, the COVID-19 condition is not in control yet. So keeping the whole situation in view, journalists and reporters are not allowed to participate in the event. The management has announced that the only invited people will be able to attend the event . the invited people will also come with safety measures


Here are the explanations of the technology information:Honor has declared to hold the IFA 2020 events on September 4 . Hopefully we have  achieved successHonor sets IFA Event for September 4 by providing you  the information and explanation of the event. It is also noticeable that the real news has been declared on Technology is limitless. Our team has been make sure of it to be authentic and transfer it to you .

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