How to check Ufone number through your mobile

UFONE is the biggest communication network. When mobile phones were introduced, then UFONE was one of the best companies for providing the best network. It is among the best networking company, and many people are using it.

Due to its fame and to maintain its worth in the market they always come up with the new packages and deals. You can buy the UFONE SIM at cheap prices. Hence, in Pakistan UFONE come in 2001 and become famous because at that time it was providing its customer best packages at low prices.

Now you can also check your SIM number through your mobile set without going to the franchise. Simply dial the code, and after a few seconds, you will get information about your number.

Ufone number check

You can check your UFONE number through a simple and easy method. Moreover, for this procedure, no charges are applied. So, you can easily find out the UFONE number with zero charges.

How to check Ufone number?

There are several methods to check your number on phone. They are discussed below.

Ufone number check code

To check the UFONE number you only have to dial *780*3#. When you dial the USSD code, then your UFONE number will appear on your screen.

Number two method

THE alternate USSD code that you can use for checking the number is *1#. Through this method, you can also get numbers on your screen it is free of cost.

Number three method

The other method that you can select is to send SMS to 667. In the SMS you have to only write MNP and send it to 667. An instant message you will receive that contains all the detail about your number. This message will have the CNIN number along with showing the prepaid or post-paid. Moreover, you can also get information about when you have activated your number.

Number four method

The last method that you can adopt is to visit the UFONE official site. There you have to type your CNIC number. You will get the list of all the numbers registered on your CNIC number. So, you must know your CNIC number.

In short, through different methods, you can get your registered number either by dialling any USSD code or by visiting websites or sending SMS. Hence, this will not be embarrassing for you if you do not remember the number. Just adopt any of the above-mentioned methods.

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