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Huawei Beat The Samsung During Covid-19

In the world, there are a lot of smartphone companies, But Huawei brand has grown more than more smartphones 1st time in the world than the other companies. Samsung is the biggest smartphone selling brand in the world but now Huawei has decided to beat Samsung.
Samsung Market Down because of Huawei

Due to bad circumstances, I don’t think Huawei can stand on top of smartphone sellers for a long long time. The large of the numbers 55.8 million latest Huawei smart cellphones shipped by Canalys is the real down by 5 % year by year, Even the Samsung lay down to 53.7 million 30 percent. In China, Huawei sells its smartphones brands almost over 70 %, that is why they didn’t face any hard problems in many of Samsung’s largest markets.

Huawei Sales

In the quarter of a second, Huawei sold over 70 % of the land of China. In the other countries’ markets, the smartphone selling ratio year by year is coming down even this time his ratio is less than 27 % during April and June.

Updates From Huawei

The latest update from Huawei, the bad economic ratio with the time of challengers, we need to improve and grow our product and we will try to give our best to peoples with better reception and inventions as well.
With the professional analyst, they are thinking that this is not a complete result should those peoples be thinking years ago.
“They are facing this issue due to Covid-19. In order to grow his business the smartphone company Huawei is still working on it and they are completed using the economics from China.

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