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In 2021 Xiaomi is going to launch the Mi Pad 5

Xiaomi has launched many mobile models and they also give their customers amazing features. The last pad that Xiaomi launched was in the year 2018. After this model, they did not launch any other model.

Moreover, they do not upgrade the Xiaomi mi pad 4. This model was not upgraded to MIUI. So, it was considered a failure. This is because the model was not sold in the market. And its features were not liked by the people.

Now Xiaomi published the new pictures of this new model Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 on the social network. You can find the latest pics of this cell on Weibo. This site contains all the new updates and information related to technology.

The new model is given the name Xiaomi Mi Pad 5. Many people are going to love this tablet because it contains many specifications that people want. Moreover, you will be able to purchase this tablet in 2021. The exact date is not announced yet.

Now we will put some light on the specification of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5. So, let us start.

Specification of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

Several specifications that you can find in Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 are listed below.

Display screen

The display screen of this tablet is average. The size of the screen is about 7.90 inches. Moreover, the resolution power of this model is 2084 x 1536. The average size liked by people for the tablet.


The performance of the tablet depends on the processor and the RAM. The processor of this model is 2.2 GHz uses the quad-core. The RAM of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 2GB. The internal storage of the tablet is about 16GB. The storage is not limited here. You can increase the storage of the tablet up-to 128 using the micro SD Card.


There are two cameras on the tablet, one front and the other on the back. However, the rare camera has 8 megapixels, and the front camera has 5 megapixels. But the performance is not as good as mobile phones.


The battery of this model is 6700mAH. You can enjoy all your activity on the tablet in one charge. Hence, the best battery timing of the tablet.


This model is going to hit the market very soon. Hence, you can buy this model, and you will not be disappointed. The company has done many upgrades, and people will like this model.

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