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In Pakistan, the electric vehicle policy is now ratified by ECC

The automobile is one of the major need nowadays. But with the increasing rate of automobiles lead towards the air pollution of our environment. It is also damaging the Ozone layer. Our environment is becoming polluted day by day.
Being responsible we have to decrease air pollution. To decrease the air pollution we have to decrease the number of automobiles that use different gases and petrol as fuel. Moreover, these gases are changed into dangerous material when burning in four-wheel vehicles.

Announcement about the electric vehicle in ECC meeting

ECC (Economic Coordination Committee) has approved the policy for electronic vehicles in Pakistan. Hence, in a recent meeting, they approve several policies regarding mobile phones and electronic vehicles. This meeting was held by Dr. Abdul Hafiz, the Minister of Finance and Revenue.

It is the best step towards the environment’s health and for the organism’s. In Pakistan, electric vehicles will be allowed, and the organization that manufactures automobiles will start working in this field.
The cost of the electrical vehicle is also considered that will be applied during manufacturing and purchasing. Moreover, the cost will be huge in promoting the usage of the electrical vehicle.

In the meeting, Hammad Azhar announced the electrical vehicle approvals. He also included the mobile manufacturing policy. Many agendas were discussed in this meeting.

Some benefits of this policy for users

Some benefits are enjoyed by end-users. The Pakistani Tycoon Javid Afrid share his experience about the benefits of electric vehicle policy. In his tweet, he mentioned here.

The major benefit for the end-user they do not have to register their electric car. Moreover, no other tax will be applied for these type of cars, token free (green number plate) cars will be available.

The electric vehicles will be available at zero interest in car financing. The huge public is going to like this policy. For setting the station that will allow the charging can be built with zero interest. You can invest in the station or build it. All the processes related to the electric vehicle policy will be with zero interest.

He also added in his tweet that when the stations will be established, then the income earned through the stations will not apply any tax. It will be toll tax.

In short, the decision about the electric vehicle is a good step as this can purify the environment. The ECC has worked on different policies like anomalies in mobile manufacturing and for an electric vehicle.

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