The new feature in OPPO smartphones will be seen soon in the latest model

OPPO is one of the best mobile selling companies that introduces the new features in its model. They always come up with some stunning specifications that win the heart of people. We know that from start OPPO was known for its camera best features. They worked hard to maintain their quality and to give the best specifications to their users. Today, we have come up with some better news of OPPO cameras that you will love to know.

What will be new in OPPO smartphones?

From the rumours, it is concluded that OPPO is going to launch the side camera in its new smartphones. However, this sounds amazing and unique feature in the industry of mobiles. They have approved their patent of the side camera, and it is expected that the new model of OPPO Reno will come with this new feature.

After listening to this new feature, the lovers of OPPO are eagerly waiting for the new launch. They all are curious about its working and the result it will give. So, here, we will provide you some interesting information about this side camera feature.

How will be the picture captured?

It is quite an interesting phenomenon. The OPPO manufacturers have used mirror technology that will link with the rear camera. Hence, the reflecting phenomenon is used. They have to use the angles and other things effectively that can give the best picture to the customers.

Approval of the patent

According to the LetsGoDigital, the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office has approved this patent this week. This patent tells all the aspects, how the side camera of the smartphone can capture the picture. Hence, all the vital role is of the rear camera. It will focus the image on its lens with the help of the reflecting property.

The primary lens will automatically detect the object either, it is moving or not. No other sensors are not required. The sensor will check the target is within the frame or not. The technique is simple, and there is no fatigue.

Is this a good step?

Yes, with time and new technology the new inventions are preferable. So, it will be a positive step towards the success of the OPPO. They will work to improve the feature and people will enjoy the latest technologies. It is expected, this feature will be included in the coming Reno series.


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