Side camera feature in the new models of OPPO

Have you ever thought about the side camera in smartphones? If not, then be prepared to use this new feature in the latest models of the OPPO. From the rumours, the news comes that OPPO is working on the latest features of the camera.

However, we all know that this company is well-known for providing the best camera features to its users. Hence, with time they are coming with the latest and new technologies. Now, they have worked on the latest technology, and its patent is also approved.

What new will you get in the models of OPPO?

Whenever OPPO launches its new model, then its users are curious about the new features. It is expected that in the new model of the OPPO, customers can use the side camera. It sounds like quite an amazing feature.

People are also curious about its working. They are eagerly waiting for the new model of the OPPO. The side camera feature has grabbed the attention of the customers in the market.

The method by which the side camera will capture the image

The side camera feature is quite a stunning specification in smartphones. The camera is placed at the side of the mobile that will use the phenomenon of reflection. The mirror will direct the image on the rear lens, will form the accurate image you want to capture.

You can adjust the image by moving the direction of your smartphone. It will help to adjust the image in the frame. Hence, the method used in the side camera is simple.

Is this patent approved?

Yes, this patent is approved by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). The rumours said that this firm signed the patent of the side camera specification this week. The other camera of this phone also has the best lens. Hence, the vital role in capturing an image from the side camera is of the rear camera because all the image is formed on this lens.

The rear camera will detect the object and fit the target within the frame. It will give the best picture to the customer.

Is this the best feature in smartphones?

Yes, this is a better improvement in the cameras. However, people are eagerly waiting for this new up come. It is expected, that in the new model of the OPPO Reno series, this feature will be included, and people can easily use the side camera and enjoy the best features of the smartphone.

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