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Pakistan earned $160M+ from IT exports in 2020

Pakistan is a developing country and it is struggling hard to develop its IT industry. Now it’s consulting companies deal in partnerships with foreign firms and hardware developing companies such as Abacus consulting and Atlassion companies. In these sectors they generate good revenue.

Earned in IT industry

In the IT industry Pakistan has earned about upto $161.980 millions of USD in the financial year of 20-21. It has earned by providing different types of information technology services to the range of countries.

According to PBS

On Sunday Pakistan Bureau of Statistics gave the report of growth percent. According to PBS, the report shows 40.90% growth as compared to earned throw the provision services of previous years. According to a review computer services rose upto 35.11% during the month. The result of this is showing a rise upto $ 90.070 million years as compared to the past. PBS reported also about the export of the repair services and the maintenance services. According to the report the services declined by $ 84.99 percent from $ 0.329 million to $ 0.052 millions.

Import and Export Scale

If we talk about its import and exports of computer software services that have really improved. The import and exports increased upto $ 8.80 percent. It has improvements of about $ 30.680 millions to $ 33.311 millions. Pakistan has great development in its development sector. As its exports of Telecommunication services increased by $ 61.35 percent.

Intention in Services

In the Telecommunication Services Pakistan exports call center services. Which is increased upto $ 25.80 percent. The improvement has increased in one month. PBS’s report shows the positive intention of Pakistan in its IT industry. We are hopeful. This intention gives the more potential. Which helps to lead it more increment in its IT industry. For this purpose availability of jobs attracts the more investors and multinational IT companies to investment in Pakistan.

Govt. Role

Govt. also plays an important role in this field. It facilitates the people by decreasing taxes, making sure the transactions easier, specially PayPal and other foreign exchanges etc.

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