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PUBG is a well known and famous game among the youngsters and they love to know updates about this game so we are here discussing some interesting information of their favorite game achievement.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) Concept

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) developed by the South Korea Bluehole company. It is an online multiplayer and battle royal game. PUBG released after the inspiration of the “Battle Royal”Japanese film. In that film, the group of students was sent to an island where they were forced to fight and die by their Govt. It was launched in March 2017 for Microsoft Windows. After complete developments and improvements, it Releases on December 20, 2017. Its release for different platforms like PS4 and Xbox also for Mobile Devices.

PUBG Achieves Another Milestone as it Makes $3bn in Just 7 Months

the provider of PUBG, Tencent would be totally enchanted with the presentation of the game in the most recent year or somewhere in the approximately, It has gained a lot of fame and popularity all over the world. regardless of the Chinese gaming giant Tencent Earnings for the rest of your life, it will be covered in just 7 months and it will have crossed a new milestone of over 3 billion dollars.

According to the report of the research firm Sensor Tower, Historical earnings figures include earnings from “Game for Peace”, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. In the present year alone, PUBG Mobile and Game For Peace have earned revenue of 1.3 billion dollars. The month of March saw a record monthly income of 270 million dollars when the Cove-19 epidemic imposed a lockdown worldwide.

The largest market for PUBG Mobile is definitely in China, Where the Chinese version only Apple’s App Store has raised about 1.6 billion dollars which is equivalent to 52% of his whole life income. In part, the United States is the market’s second-largest market It has a share of about 14%, followed by Japan with 5.6%.

According to a report IPhone users are considered to be the biggest fans of PUBG Because the iOS version of the game contributes 79% of the game’s revenue when contrasted with 21% for android clients by means of google play store. And now at this stage, PUBG mobile and game for peace has downloaded this app to more than 734 million people. Soon it will become the most popular and famous game in the world.

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