The new invention in smartphones to detect water pollutants

Have you ever thought that technology will go beyond and you can detect the pollutants from your smartphones? If not, then be prepare the developers have worked hard and introduce the new feature in the smartphones. This feature will allow you to detect the pollution in the water.

However, it sounds interesting and people are eagerly waiting for this new feature. Many people also ask about its working. Here, we will explain its working and other details. Hence, this new feature has made people crazy. With the smartphone camera, you can detect whether the water is good for you to drink or not.

The reason behind this feature

We know that in the world, most diseases are spread due to water pollution. The polluted water is giving birth to various viruses that are harmful to people. People do not know about the water pollutant, and they drink the infected water. As a result, they get ill and went to the hospitals. The stomach issues are increasing day by day. So, it is necessary to give awareness to people about water pollutants.

For this purpose, the developer of the smartphone has introduced a new feature in the smartphone. It will help people to observe the water pollutant. If it is not better for drinking, it detects the germs in the water and gives you an alert.

How the smartphone camera will detect water pollutants?

Well, this is the question of various people. They want to know about the working of the camera. So, do not fret. Here, we will explain its working. So, let us have a look at the working of the camera.

Working of smartphone cameras for detecting the pollutants

The system for detecting the water pollutant is set in the camera. Hence, it will give the result in few minutes. You have to keep the camera in front of the water. So, it can detect the movement of the unicellular organism. The movement of this unicellular will tell about the pollutant water.

From the studies, it is concluded that this one-cell organism is common in freshwater. But its movement is changed if the water has other contaminants. If the movement of the paramecium (unicellular) changes and the speed is increased, then the water is polluted. Hence, with the movement of the paramecium, you can detect the water pollutants and save your life. It is a better invention and can help to make the world a healthy place.

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