SnapChat new birthday feature!

Do you forget to wish your birthday to your friend? Do not get ideas to wish a special day to your loved ones? If you are a SnapChat user, then you are familiar with the different lenses that this app introduces.

This app is one of the famous apps that is used worldwide. You can make different faces and use a different lens to make your pic perfect. On different occasions, this app introduces different lenses. People like this app because it updates its features regularly.

Hence, this app does not bore people with its old lens or features. Many people communicate through this app and share their stories. You can make friends globally because here you are free to make friends.

If we talk about safety, then this app assures us to keep your private data encrypted. So, the other user or friend does not see it. Now, this app has introduced another best feature that is surely loved by people.

A new feature of Snap chat

The new feature in SnapChat is the recall of the birthday. This app helps you to remember your loved ones’ birthday. So, do not forget to wish them. Moreover, you can use its different stickers and other things that can make your friend happy.

This feature is known as the Birthday Mini. People who have shared their birthday details on SnapChat can share their birthday with their friends. This feature is similar to the Facebook birthday feature.

On Facebook, you get a notification when there is your friend’s birthday. In the same way, this feature in SnapChat will remind you of the birthday of your friends. Hence, it will help you to make their day special with your wishes.

Is this feature will show the age and year?

No, this feature will not show your age or birth year. It will be seen to the person whom you allow. There is an option to share your birth year publicly or not. So, select the one with which you are satisfied.

Procedure to use this feature

Well, the procedure to use this Birthday Mini feature is interesting and easy. The frequent users of SnapChat know how to access the latest features. Here, we have the steps to use this feature.

  • Open SnapChat on your smartphone.
  • Open any chat and click the rocket icon on the corner.
  • There you will find the mini Birthday feature.
  • Enable this feature to use in the future.

You can also search this feature in the search bar.


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