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Spotlight! A new feature by Snapchat to take over TIKTOK

Here’s the new feature by snapchat which is now taking over TIK TOK as its allowing user to make more memorable videos. The Snapchat Company has recently announced Spotlight as a competitor against TIK TOK. As Spotlight allows every snapchat user to interact with other snapper by making vertical videos with more exciting filters that reflects as real.

The spotlight designers designed this to bring more excitement over users and also to those who haven’t been on snapchat yet. This super-fantastic feature will gather them on the platform as its filters will excite them more. The snapchat community always try to provide its user with the best.

By adding amazing filter daily to make your moment more exciting and memorable. We created Spotlight to become a platform where everyone can become stage center and can share its content without in need of having any influence or follower. It’s an opportunity for snap-chatters to share their best and also to know the perspectives of others and also from Snapchat Community.

Beginning experience of spotlight

The spotlight was first introduced in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, and Ireland with many more countries later.
Well it was just to have feedback of users and snapchat community is quiet happy as the response from snap-chatters was awesome.
Spotlight works on an algorithm to provide the most engaging snaps to you in which you’d be interested. Our community try to serve the right snap to the right user at the right time. We do this by knowing the user personal interest.

Spotlight Algorithms

Spotlight algorithm works to rank your snap in snapchat community. The purpose is to provide more engaging snaps in which you are interested. The community try to provide perfect snap to the user at right time.
The snap will get ranking depends on the viewer time spent on your video or snap. As the other user skip your snap immediately or by viewing for few seconds it will get negative ranking. Snaps that appear in spotlight can be made by the user in private or also in public accounts. The snap star will get millions of subscribers by keeping their profile public.

Spotlight paying reward

Spotlight is a platform where the user can share its talent and content without in need of any follower or influence. You can share your video to your friends and also publicly. The snapchat community is distributing over $1 million to the users. But there are some terms and conditions the user must have to know.

  • User must be of 16 year old or more than 16
  • Need parental permission to earn
  • The user should follow algorithms
  • Number of views matter
  • The snaps must be of snapchat
  • Misleading, bullying, violence and such content based video are prohibited.

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