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TECNO Announces the Launch of Camon 16 Premier

As everyone knows TECNO is an international smartphone brand. TECNO has made its name in the international market in a very short time. One of the reasons for this is that it always produces smartphones based on innovative features at affordable prices. TECNO does this for its users and that’s why TECNO’s fan base is growing day by day. Not only does the company launch smartphones at a reasonable price, it also improves its quality. However, TECNO is going to launch a new phone soon. It is said that its launch will be a cookie on October 9. This phone has been named Camon 16 Premier. Although, its colors are very beautiful and preferred. It is powered by a powerful processor. It also has a 4K professional camera with a high megapixel selfie, and a rear camera with TAIVOS technology.

Camon 16 give a Big Hit

After all its previous successes, TECNO launched Camon 16 earlier this year. According to the research, this model was a big hit. In addition, it was a great success because people gave very good reviews for it. At the same time, Camon 16 premiered the title of “Photography King”. This was expressed by TECNO on social media.

Camon 16’s popularity

One of the main reasons for the Camon 16’s popularity is that it is thought to have a super versatile camera system installed. In addition, which includes four shooters, 64MP standard camera support, and 8MP wide angle, with 2MP bookie lens, and with the support of all-in-one lens, which combines multiple high quality of LED brightness with dynamic view and shoot.There are features to create great videos.

Capacity of Storage

However, let me tell you that according to research, Camon 16 has an advanced MT G90 processor installed which gives it power. It also has a heavy 4500 mAh battery with a 33W fast charging option that supports the charging life of the phone. It’s really great if we talk about memory. It supports 128 GB ROM + 8GB RAM memory. Also included the notable feature of enhancing it with the use of SD cards.

Capture Crystal Claire

As everyone knows, the Camon series has always been a trend setter. This can be gauged from the fact that their innovative cameras have been highly praised by technicians and consumers. Its stunning cameras that capture Crystal Claire and HD images are really awesome. However, that’s why the upcoming Camon 16 premiere remains the focus of photography enthusiasts.The Camon 16 is definitely going to bring a storm to the market because of all its features. Which will witness significant growth in sales for TECNO.

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