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Telegram experience more than 25 million users in 72 hours

Telegram is basically a messaging app that has witnessed a number of users joining the platform. Telegram has recently surpassed 500 million active user in first week of January after the WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy. Moreover according to the telegram CEO more than 25 million users have joined telegram in previous 72 hours. The ratio he noticed is 385 from Asia, 27% from Europe, 21% from America and 8% from the Middle East and North Africa.

However the rising concerns regarding WhatsApp privacy policy and the sharing of users certain data to Facebook. The alternatives app like telegram and signal noticed a number of downloads in few days. People start migrating from WhatsApp to keep their data secure.

Durov in a recent blogpost said that the number of download is 1.5 million as compared to last year and also said that they had surges of download before. Telegram hasn’t experience this in 7 years history but this time is difficult as a number of user migrate towards telegram.

WhatsApp clarification statement

But WhatsApp have announced a statement as a clarification of new privacy update policy with the help of FAQ page by answering the question one by one. They also make sure that WhatsApp and Facebook is still have no access to end to end encrypted messages send to friends and family.

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