The Dark Mode in the Google search engine

Google is one of the best search engines that is being used for many years. With time, they introduce the latest versions so the user can enjoy the new features. According to the estimation, Google is one of the best and widely used search engines.

Now, Google has introduced the dark mode. It is the best and effective for the users. It has played a vital role for the users because it is effective for the eyes. When people have to work all day, then the high light power of the screen affects the eyes badly.

The new feature in the dark mode

The dark feature in Google was introduced before. But now this feature is introduced for the laptops. The feature is liked by many people. You can set this feature as per your demand, and you can also set it to automatic. So, according to the timings, Google will set the mode on your screen.

Types of modes available

Google is a well-known search engine. When it introduces new things, then it has some options. So, in the dark mode, people will have three options to select. These are:

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Default.

The dark mode is suitable for people who cannot bear the sharp light of the screen at night. So, people who have some issue of sight can get use this. In light mode, the sharpness of screen light is reduced so it can give a pleasing effect to your eyes. The default mode is simple that will match the light contrast of your laptop.

Procedure to activate the mode

The method to activate the different modes is simple. Follow the steps:

  • Open Chrome or any browser.
  • Open the Google. Select the setting option on the homepage.
  • An option of appearance appears on the screen. Select this option.
  • Here, you will get the options to select the dark, light, and default mode.
  • Select the one that best suits you and save it.

You can also set the mode to automatic. This option is also available here.

Benefits to using the dark mode

Many people ask about the benefits of dark mode. Hence, this is very effective for the eyes. With time, many people are doing their work online. So, they have to use the screen for a long time which results in sleeping difficulty and eye strain.

This mode is helpful to reduce this fatigue. We know that blue light has a worse impact on the eyes. Hence, the dark mode is easy to use for a long time. The reading of the text becomes easy with this dark mode.


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