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The U.S. Government is Considering Banning Social Media App TikTok

Most famous entertaining social app TikTok has been decided to ban in the US the reasons are below:

The Warning from PENTAGON

The Military should delete TikTok from their personal mobile devices. Now the United States military follows this advice that was announced last month from the Defense Department. The mobile phone that was launched by the Govt this Chinese social app was also banned there. Some have highly discouraged armed force from having the TikTok in their mobile phones

The U.S. government is thinking banned popular Chinese social media app TikTok

The government of the United States of America is thinking about the end of china’s famous short video app TikTok. This news was first conveyed by Mike Pompeo the secretary of the United state.

In the previous interview, the US secretary said, “Regarding Chinese apps on people’s cell phones, I will assure you that the United States will have this right too and I don’t wanna get out in front of the president, but there is something we are watching.”

Review of POMPEO

These points of Pompeo came during the time of extraordinary pressure between China and the USA, which have overflowed to a few zones that include trade, national security, and technology.
Interviewing the host of a local TV show, Pompeo was asked if he would suggest that Americans download these and other Chinese apps, he answered: Only in that condition when you wanna give your all personal information in the hands of the Chinese Community Party. On the other side, Tik Tik has denied the allegations at the same time. In response to an email to the newspaper

Localhost Interview

A spokesman for Tiktok denied the allegations in a statement.
Tiktok is driven by an American CEO, with several representatives and key leaders across safety, security, product, and open strategy here in the U.S.we are not able to provide our personal data or information to any other country.

The popularity of TikTok

This app is almost famous in all the other countries along with the USA. and this is the first social media website with roots attached to China, Which has extensive contacts with customers outside its home country.
This app has already been installed over 315 million times in just the first three months of this year according to the report Sensor Tower.

Security Concerns of TikTok

TikTok has already realized that it is separate from its parent company Byte Dance, and all the data offices of the app are located almost outside of China. Tiktok also believes that national security concerns raised by various countries are “baseless.”

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