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Ufone Daily, Weekly & Monthly SMS Packages 2020

Ufone is a largest Telecommunication network in Pakistan.In January 2001 Ufone launched in market.It is become famous among people.The Award of Best Telecommunication Service Provider Ufone has won at 2012 PAS Awards by Pakistan Advertisers Society.Because of its reasonable call,SMS, and internet bundles. it always gives you less rates, Ufone bundles are available for all those who like to keep in contact with loved ones every day.
Ufone gives you the most affordable call rates with different bundles. Ufone brings ufone sms packages for the clients on large scle who love utilizing their phones to speak with their friends and family through SMS.

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Ufone Daily On-Net SMS bundle offers SMS to any Ufone customer with free MBs for 24 hours. Clients can buy this package at very low cost. In this cheap rate package customers can keep in touch not only through SMS but also on the internet through free MBs. Specifically these bundles are structured to guarantee that the daily needs of the clients are being met while helping them.

Ufone Night SMS Package Rs. 1 300 SMS 1 Day SMS "Sub" to 609
Ufone Uth Daily Rs. 1.99 + tax 600 SMS 1 Day SMS "Sub" to 612
Ufone Daily On-net Rs. 2 + tax 500 SMS 1 Day SMS "Sub" to 611
Ufone Daily Rs. 4.77 1600 SMS 1 Day SMS "Sub" to 605
Ufone Power Hour Rs. 6 60 SMS
60 on-net minutes
1 Day Dial *99#
Ufone Super Recharge Package Rs.45 300 SMS
300 on-net minutes
10 off-net mins
1 Day Dial *300#

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Ufone SMS packages are completely for the Ufone prepaid clients who love messaging. Ufone Weekly SMS Package is one of the most mostly utilized proposals by the clients. Ufone offers messages on any network with the limit of 7 days
So, Ufone is the best network for you if you are searching for weekly SMS packages as it gives you various alternatives and you can pick the best one dependent on your choice.

Ufone Weekly SMS Rs.10 1200 SMS 7 Days SMS "Sub" to 608
Ufone 15 Days SMS Rs.30 10000 SMS 7 Days SMS "Sub" to 603
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer Rs.80 100 SMS
100 On-net minutes
7 Days Dial *5050#
Ufone Super Mini Card Rs. 299 500 SMS
500 On-net minutes
75 off-net minutes
7 Days Load Ufone Mini Super Card

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Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

The clients of Ufone can choose an useful SMS monthly package and can keep in touch the whole month with their loved ones. Do not worry about paying for a single message that you send. Ufone offers month to month fortnightly and 45 days SMS bundles.
Ufone Monthly Unlimited SMS Package offers you SMS with free on net and off net mins also free MBs for 30 days. Ufone Monthly Uth FnF Package offers a boundless number of SMS to its clients for 30 days.

Ufone Monthly SMS Package Rs.80 20000 SMS 30 Days SMS "Sub" to 607
Ufone Super Card Rs. 520 1000 SMS
1000 On-net minutes
150 off-net minutes
30 Days Load Super Card
Ufone Super Card Plus Rs.599 1200 SMS
1200 On-net minutes
180 off-net minutes
30 Days Load Ufone Super Card

Ufone Others SMS Packages

Ufone is known for its development whether it is as commercial or giving its clients various bundles.
Ufone offers you a Yearly SMS Package,in this package you get unlimited SMS for 1 year.
Postpaid customers can use the SMS service on any network for 1 month.

Ufone 45-Days SMS Rs 99 + Tax 30,000 SMS 44 days SMS "Sub" to 614
Ufone Yearly SMS Package Rs 666 + Tax Unlimited SMS 1 year SMS "Sub" to 601
Ufone Monthly Postpaid package Rs 150 + Tax 10,000 SMS 30 Days SMS "Sub" to 610

Terms and conditions

1– Ufone sms packages do exclude International SMS or Premium SMS
2- Standard rates apply to all SMS sent to the separate short code
3- Daily Package is 24 hours from the hour of membership
4- Clients can buy in to one Daily Package in 24 hours
5– The Daily SMS Package will now naturally resubscribe following 24 hours
6- Your SIM is your personality, just use SIMs gave through Bio metric Verification – PTA

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